Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts Hosts Celebration of Life Day

Pregnancy Resource Centers and Women Served By Them Ask State Officials to Support PRCs, Stand Down from Attacking Them

June 25, 2024

BOSTON, MA – Today, the Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts (PCAll), a network of pregnancy resource centers sponsored by Massachusetts Citizens for Life, hosted its Celebration of Life Day at the State House. The event celebrated the dignity of life and emphasized the crucial role of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in supporting women and families facing unexpected pregnancies. 

PCAll, a coalition of pregnancy resource centers in the Bay State, supports thousands of women each year by providing resources, including medical care, counseling, material support and so much more. At today’s event, women served by local PRCs shared their stories of hope and help.

“All of the care our centers provide is free of charge, and last year, we provided over one and a half million dollars in material assistance to women in need, including food, diapers, and clothing,” said Teresa Larkin, co-chair of PCAll. “We offer women true choice and stand by them during pregnancy and beyond, equipping them with the resources they need to realize their full potential.”

Despite serving women of all backgrounds, Massachusetts’ pregnancy centers face ongoing political attacks from state politicians because the centers do not provide abortions. Most recently, Governor Healey launched a taxpayer funded smear campaign against the centers. These attacks are riddled with misinformation, and organizers of today’s event aimed to raise public awareness about the positive impact and essential services provided by PRCs. 

“PRCs meet a vital need in communities across the Bay State,” added Larkin. “If extreme politicians are successful in discrediting our centers, they will be taking away the ability of women to choose life by stripping away the pregnancy care support network.”

At the event, women and children served by the centers delivered a petition to state officials. The petition has garnered nearly four thousand signatures so far and urges politicians to support PRCs, rather than block women and families from accessing the care and resources they provide. 

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