Sixteen Attorneys General from across the US issue open letter criticizing PRCs

On October 23, 2023, a group of sixteen U.S. Attorneys General, led by California Rob Bonta, and including Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell, jointly released an open letter expressing their concerns regarding what they perceive as the increasing presence of “anti-abortion” Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), also known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

These centers have been subjected to a disinformation campaign by pro-abortion politicians, which has ignited anger, led to acts of vandalism, and even incited violence against them.

In reality, PRCs are charitable organizations committed to assisting women facing unexpected pregnancies. They provide a comprehensive range of options for women and their infants, as alternatives to the option of abortion, which regrettably remains available at abortion clinics.

PRCs enjoy significant support from the general public. The Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts reports that community-based assistance is extended by PRCs across the nation, with a total of 15,000 staff members and 54,000 volunteers, including 10,200 licensed medical professionals. Remarkably, 74% of Americans, transcending political affiliations, endorse the valuable work performed by pregnancy centers. Furthermore, an impressive 80% of Americans believe that elected officials should vocally condemn any attacks on these centers and take legal action against those responsible for acts of vandalism or violence targeting them.

We strongly encourage our supporters to reach out to the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Andrea Campbell, to voice your concerns regarding the recent attacks on charitable Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), which offer vital assistance to women and infants. You can contact the Attorney General’s office at (617) 727-2200 or visit their website at

For additional insights into the services provided by PRCs, kindly visit:

Please take a moment to read the open letter written by 16 Attorneys General criticizing Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) below:

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